5 ways to survive your first winter with twins! – Twin Tuesday

Today, we are officially over halfway through January and so begins the time of the year that I slowly start to lose my mind from being inside all the time. 😉  December is always full of fun with Christmas activities and seasonal temperatures but January, February and most of March (if you are in the Midwest like we are) can be tortuous. This year we have already had a bunch of windchill warnings and have another one issued for tonight, which makes getting out of the house to do anything with young children very difficult! They are too little to understand why they have to keep their hats and mittens on at all times and cannot express to you if they are cold or what body part may be exposed to the temperatures. As they get older, it gets much better but those first few years can be really difficult! Especially when you have twins!

When our twins were born premature in late September, before we were discharged the NICU doctors recommended to me that we keep them away from people and at home as much as possible during the next few months. It was daunting to think about the winter ahead stuck in the house all the time!

Today’s Twin Tuesday is all about how to survive your twin’s first winter. Because that first one is HARD. If you can survive the first one, you can do anything momma. Here are 5 things we did to make it through the winter with our infant twins.


Accept the realities

Our oldest son was born in January, so I didn’t have to go back to work until spring. We snuggled in and barely left the house his first few months of life. Since we didn’t have any other small children at home, we were all able to stay healthy during the traditional cold and virus season. Fast-forward to December right before he turned one and all 3 of us caught every single cold and virus that went through his day care. We were sick all the time his first real winter. I was super concerned and mentioned it to our pediatrician who said “Oh yes. A baby’s first winter, they get sick all the time. Don’t worry. It builds immunity.” And that was that. The same was true with our second baby’s first winter but I knew what to expect and didn’t sweat it.

I was more concerned though when we brought our premie twins home who had a much less mature immune system than our older two did facing their first winter. Our pediatrician warned me that we had to accept the reality that with two other children at home the odds of them not getting sick at all were slim. She told us to expect common colds but to call her if they had a fever or had trouble breathing.

Basically, we did our best. We kept the older boys away from them when they had a cold. We washed our hands like crazy and we limited visitors (and made them wash their hands too!). I was breastfeeding on demand and I felt comforted that would help them fight whatever they were exposed to also. They each got a small cold or two but nothing that concerned us or that I hadn’t expected.

Expect that your twins will probably get sick. Do the best you can to limit their exposure to germs and follow the advice of your pediatrician when they do. Try to appreciate that anything they do get will increase their immunity and hopefully make all future cold and virus seasons easier on all of you!


Find some inside activities outside your house

When the cold winter days seemed endless, I would sometimes pack up the babies and go walking at the mall before it opened to shoppers. It was pretty dead early in the morning so there wasn’t anyone wanting to touch the babies or get close to their faces (as strangers feel they need to do). Josh and I would also on the weekends sometimes take everyone to a local indoor Sports Complex on off hours just to get everyone out of the house. The older boys would watch whatever high school sport was being played while I walked around with the babies in the stroller. Again, no crowds so no people trying to stop me and get a look at the babies.


I loved using these car seat covers instead of having to dress the babies in thick coats inside their car seats. I would dress them normally in long sleeves, pants and a hat with a lightweight blanket and this cover. In the car and at our destination, I would unzip the sides of the cover so they didn’t get too warm. I was amazed at how nice and warm it kept them!


Attempt to get out without the babies

I know it’s hard, but attempting to get out of the house without the babies is extra important during the winter months of being constantly stuck inside. I find that if I’m not conscious of getting out of the house (even now!) it can really get me down. Mental health is so important with brand new babies and it’s difficult to be stuck inside without sunshine or interaction all day. You could plan for your significant other to keep the babies for a bit while you meet a friend, go grocery shopping, grab a book from the library or run some errands! It makes such a huge difference.


Enjoy the drive

When my twins were infants, the car was kind of our happy place. Sometimes they would nap, sometimes they wouldn’t but they were almost always quiet. We would go for drives in the winter for a change of scenery. I would listen to the radio or a podcast and sometimes I would stop for coffee at a drive-through. A drive for 30 minutes of the day did wonders for my outlook on being stuck inside!


Find a routine inside your home

I’ve always been a person who thrives on routine and I found when we were stuck inside that was even more the case. When we couldn’t leave the house, it helped to have a routine of even moving rooms of the house at the same time every day. For example, maybe we would start the day doing tummy time in the family room for awhile, then move upstairs while they played with a few toys in their bouncers and I folded laundry, then read books in the kitchen as I got lunch ready, etc. It seemed like so much work to move them from room to room but it gave us a purpose for our day and something to do. I still do a version of this with our two year old twins during the winter!


Don’t forget. You will make it through this too and it’s okay to count down the days until spring!


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Friday Favorites {1.12.17}

It’s my favorite time of the week! Happy Friday!

Our week was spent pretty much boycotting all bed times so it was a rough one. At around 8:00 each night in our house, my energy level is at 2.4% and my boys are at 120%. I don’t even know how this happens. My kiddos had another short week at school and have Monday off next week. I’m not sure if we will make it when it comes time for a full week of school again!


Like always, I’m linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea for a fun list of Friday Favs. These are my favorite posts to read and put together!



After I killed my second giant Big Bubba water jug by dropping it (from the top of the car as we drove away and knocked off the counter by tiny hands), I knew I needed a different choice. I notice a huge difference in the way I feel when I’m dehydrated so I always keep a giant water bottle with me all the time. I got this stainless steel Liquid Savvy one for Christmas and I think I’m in love. It does a really good job at keeping my water cold and it came with 3 different lids to choose from. It has already been knocked on the floor a few times and there isn’t even a scratch on it! I do miss the huge straw that my Bubba had but on the plus side, this one never spills when it gets knocked over like that one did. I chose the 32 ounce bottle which is big enough to hold a good amount of water and small enough to fit in my cupholder in the car. I also love it because it’s only $20 unlike some of the other brands of stainless steel water bottles. It’s always a goal of mine to drink more water, and if that is you too – this one is my new favorite.



This week I posted my 2018 goals and one of them was to work on my terrible habit of worrying too much. My small group Bible study just chose a book by Max Lucado to read together called Anxious for Nothing. It arrived this week and I’m so looking forward to reading it. Just looking at the inside cover talking about how to overcome everyday worry spoke to me like I could have written those specific worries down myself. This book covers several of my 2018 goals- limiting worry, further developing my faith and prayer life and making more time reading as a self-care goal! (I’m quietly high fiving myself.)



My older boys both had birthdays in the last couple of weeks and we have had so much fun celebrating. We had a little birthday party last weekend for them with my family instead of a doing a big party like we usually do. The boys had a great time and we ordered pizza so there was zero stress for me. That’s my kind of party! I still made their choice of cake of course, because what’s a party without cake. 😉  Caleb chose a Yoda cake….


and Eli chose a Paw Patrol cake.

Instead of a doing a big party with friends, they chose to take a little trip as a family to celebrate. We’ve never stayed in a hotel all together since our twins were born so it should be a fun adventure. With lots of coffee….



The last couple of years, Caleb has decided that he wants to be an artist. He has always had an artistic eye like his Daddy so that never surprised me at all. He has an amazing art teacher at school that encourages him so much and I love seeing him in his element! My mom got him these two books for his birthday about creativity and art and they really are amazing. He loves The Dot more and I love Ish more, but they are both great. If you have a budding artist in your house, you should check these two Peter Reynolds books out!



Finally, I got these Fila yoga pants at Kohl’s and I love them so much they are all I have been wearing lately. They are super comfy and they have back pockets! Maybe it’s because of the pockets or maybe it’s the material but they look like real pants which makes me feel like I can wear them all the time. 😉 I have them in black but I’m definitely going back and finding them in gray!


Those are my favorites this week! I hope you all have the best weekend!


How we…. do resolutions

Happy Wednesday!

Today I’m linking up with Shay and Erika for their brand new How we do… link up. This month it’s How We Do Goals/Resolutions.

I have to say before I start that I’m all about making new goals/resolutions/etc. but I haven’t been super great at keeping them. I think part of my problem is that I set my goals to a standard that is completely unrealistic to keep. For example, a few months after my twins were born I famously set tons of 2016 resolutions including working out 4 times a week and waking up early every day before the kids. Obviously, I failed miserably. Those are not realistic goals for a mother of 4 with infant twins.

I started thinking about goals to set for 2018 and I feel like mine almost always follow a similar pattern: pray more, exercise more, read more, etc. Which are always things I need to work on. Although I consistently do a little better each year they are still at the top of my list. This year, I kept seeing all over my social media the ‘One Little Word’ that people have chosen for 2018. Nothing really resonated with me until I thought back to a Matthew Kelly book I read in 2017 called Resisting Happiness. (If you haven’t read anything by Matthew Kelly, you should. I love everything I’ve read of his and I find him completely inspiring. He just speaks my language.)

There was a chapter of the book that he talked about the power of habits. He says that your habits, whether they are good ones or bad ones, are actually what shape our lives. Bad habits are formed easily, but good habits take “great intentionality and persistence” to create.

And so… I found my word.

Habits. This year I’m going to focus on my habits in these areas.


Self-care is a constant struggle for me. I absolutely need to work on better habits that allow me to find things for me that I love. This past year, I opened my Etsy shop which has really been a huge bright spot in my life. There is something about design that brings me joyful peace and I have some big goals set for this year.

I want to be more intentional with how I spend my time in the evenings after the kids go to bed. Social media and binge watching shows all have a time and place but it’s my goal to keep them in their place… which is not the entire evening. Haha! I think this is where those exercise more and read more habits come in.


If we want to talk about bad habits, here’s one for you. I am a worrier. In a bad way. (I just started listing things that I worry about and it was ridiculous, you guys. So I hit delete.) If you can think of something, I most likely worry about it. I would imagine that everyone is a worrier to some extent, but it’s obviously a problem when it starts to consume your thoughts on a regular basis. I think I’m walking a fine line in that area. I don’t think for me that it’s an easy solution to just stop worrying ;), but I’m excited this year to work on strong habits in my faith and prayer life.

Embracing this Stage

This is the stage of a messy house, endless laundry, being needed all the time, and switching back and forth between a referee and a chauffeur. I think I’ve struggled with trying to embrace this stage we are at instead of trying to change it or speed it up. I need to work on accepting that the house is messy and that’s okay. I will literally NEVER be caught up on laundry and that’s okay. My children will probably never stop switching between perfect angels and WWE fighters at the drop of a hat and that’s okay too. 😉 And it’s also okay to be so flipping exhausted at the end of the day and still have nothing really to show for it other than that the kids are all alive, fed and mostly clean. So I’m going to make it a habit to focus on the joy and the fun and try to let go of the rest.

Also, to stop comparing myself to other mommas who look like they have it all together. (Or corner them and ask them their secrets.)


I’m excited to see what 2018 has in store for us. And how everyone else does their goals for this year!

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Lucky number seven

I was saying to Josh yesterday that 7 years and 1 day ago we were just Amy and Josh. We weren’t Mom and Dad yet. How crazy is that to think about? Now there are days that it seems that is all we are! All those years ago we had no idea what being a parent actually meant.

Yesterday Caleb, my very first baby boy turned 7. And it has gone by in a flash. As I do for all my kiddos in honor of their birthdays, I’m sharing some fun facts today about the sweet boy who made me a mommy!

  • He takes his job as big brother to 3 very seriously. He reads to them, he helps them find toys, and he explains life to them. It’s really the most beautiful thing to watch.

  • He loves art and wants to be an artist when he grows up. He has this amazing artistic and creative ability that reminds me so much of Josh. He has an eye for patterns and can just sit and sketch for a really long time.

  • He has such a sensitive soul. When he feels things, he feels them HARD.
  • This kid can RUN. Josh and I always say that he’s going to be a cross country or track star. Those little legs can go so fast! If only we could put a small track inside our house for winter use. 😉

  • Some of my favorite moments are sitting and having long discussions with him. He has so many insightful questions and has learned so much this past year. The difference from 6 to 7 is seriously amazing.

  • I can always count on Caleb to eat and love anything I make. I can probably count on one hand the number of things he doesn’t like which is such a huge blessing to balance out our Eli who is the complete opposite. For his birthday dinner he chose chicken pot pie. 😉

  • I see myself in him so much. He and I just really understand each other. I think we process and feel things the same way so I can understand the things he goes through differently than Josh can. I hope we always have this unique kind of bond that we do now.


I know that seven will be a big year and I know he is ready! I can’t wait to see what this year brings for our sweet boy.

Oh and if anyone figures out how to slow down time… you let me know.


Friday Favorites – {1.5.18}

I feel like I’m sort of cheating this week because we only had a two day week! That doesn’t make me any less excited for the weekend though. I think I’ll take it.

It’s birthday busy season in my house and we will have a brand new SEVEN year old on Monday. He’s kind of bummed out that his birthday is on a Monday this year but we plan to spend our weekend celebrating his last days of 6!

Today, I’m linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea for the first Friday Favorites of the new year!




All you fellow Gilmore girls out there are going to love this. For Christmas, my sister gave me this coffee. And I was pumped because obviously I love coffee. She had to stop and explain that this was no ordinary coffee! Scott Patterson (who plays Luke, the diner owner and pourer of the coffee in Gilmore Girls) came out with his own line. So, in other words. I’m drinking Luke’s coffee. 😉

Such a genius idea. Plus, it’s actually smells and tastes amazing. I loved this gift! (Luke image – not mine! I only wish. Found on Pinterest.)


On a random whim on Black Friday, we bought our older boys a 4-in-1 game table. It has Foosball, Slide Hockey, Ping Pong and Pool. It was kind of a spur of the moment gift that I found on major sale. Turns out, it has been their very favorite gift this year. Our boys are (almost) 5 and 7 and they play with it non-stop.

Even the little ones play with the hockey part if we bring over chairs for them and they LOVE to watch their brothers play foosball. We’ve had many a tournament that went late into the night over Christmas break this year. (Excuse the background, I’m working on refinishing a desk for my new work space.)

It has been so much fun! This is the table we bought from Walmart but I do have to say: we had trouble with the shipping from them. We ordered on Black Friday, had it shipped to store for us to pick up and still had not received it mid-December. They assured us it would be fine, that it was on it’s way but the tracking information showed it never moved. We finally had to call and insist they cancel our order. They wouldn’t reorder it themselves so we had to place another order and hope it showed up on time. Thankfully, this time it did. We loved the brand of the table though and I found the same one on Amazon but just the foosball part (which truthfully is the favorite anyway!).


In my confessions post this week, I explained why I have a serious obsession with jigsaw puzzles. If you are a puzzle lover like me, you should check it out. They are my happy place! My post also talks about my latest obsession that may even replace my puzzles on the table. 😉 Maybe.


Last weekend we got some serious snow in Iowa. It came at the beginning of a windchill warning, so the kids and I sat inside all day playing and watching the snow.  I just thought it was way too cold to take all of them out by myself. (By the time I got on boots, hats, snow pants, mittens, etc x 4 they would all want to come in!)

Then, Daddy got off work early before the holiday weekend and surprised us all. He is wayyy more fun than I am and insisted we all head outside. We seriously had the very best time. We barely got any snow last year so this was really Reid and Luke’s first time playing in it.

We stayed outside way past the point of being frozen, but they could have cared less. Thank goodness for Daddy. 😉


Finally, these are some of the brand new calendar designs I have up in my Etsy shop for the new year. We have ours printed 24 x 36 in our kitchen and I write everything on it! Even the kids love to come look and see what is going on for the week or count the number of days until something special.

Print + frame = instant dry erase! You can use code NEWYEAR18 for 18% off your order now through January 10th. And as always, any calendar can have custom color requests or additional fields/phrases added.

Click on the picture below to be taken to that calendar listing or click here to be taken to the shop where there are even more listed!

Those are my favorites this week! I hope you have the best weekend and if you are anywhere near the Midwest – I hope you stay warm!


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Confessions – Episode 3

Happy Thursday everyone! Today is my kiddos first day back to school after Christmas break. While I’m ready to get back into our routine, I will miss those lazy pajama mornings hanging out with my crew. Thankfully it’s already Thursday, so I’m thinking we can make it through our short week. Maybe.

I’m linking up with Amanda from This Inspired Chick for her monthly Confessions link-up on the first Thursday of every month. You can find my November confessions here and my December confessions here. If you blog, you should join us! It’s so much fun to see what everyone has to share.

This month, I’m going to confess my secret nerdy hobby. I am a die-hard jigsaw puzzle fanatic. Seriously. Give me a Friday night, a glass of wine and a puzzle with my husband and I’m living my best life. 😉

I don’t remember doing very many puzzles when I was a kid, so it hasn’t been a lifelong thing for me. My degree is in Biochemistry and before I had my twins I worked in a research lab for 8 years. I love science and there are so many things I loved about working there.  Anyone who has worked in that kind of medical research for a long time can tell you that there are far more failures than there are successes. Research is SO, SO important and every day amazing strides are being made. However, meaningful discoveries take tons of hard work and years to find.

After a few years, I started to get a little discouraged. I felt like I was running into a lot of dead ends at work and not making much progress. My husband is in finance and his job is to make everything add up the way it is supposed to. He can see the end of projects, accomplish them and move on to something else. And I SO envied that! One day, I sat down with an old puzzle and I found it so incredibly satisfying! Everything fit together and everything had a place. Working on a puzzle started to be what I would look forward to after the really tough days in the lab.

Even after our twins were born and my days were so far out of my control, Josh and I had this gigantic puzzle on a table in the corner of our room. Every night I would fit a few pieces (because it was all I had time for before collapsing in a heap) and it made me feel accomplished. I know it’s probably crazy, but I still do it today.

I put puzzles on my older boys Christmas lists for our families this year. They love them too, especially my Eli. I will admit though- it was a little for them, a little for me! Haha! We spent a bunch of our break with 750 piece puzzles all over our kitchen island and it was the best!

My mom got Josh and I these super cute BRXLZ sets for Christmas and they may be my newest obsession. They are basically teeny, tiny Lego sets but they give you a small instruction book of how to put them together like a puzzle. They have so many different themed sets and I’m excited to break it out.

So, that’s my confession. I’m a crazy puzzle fanatic. Life with four boys is pretty chaotic but a puzzle is my calm. Everything has a place.

Except this Toy Story puzzle Eli got for Christmas whose last piece did NOT fit. I know it looks like it should fit but it did not. #apuzzleloversnightmare

Go ahead and make fun of me but I’ll be over here with my puzzle and my glass of wine. Not caring at all. Haha!

Any other puzzle lovers out there?

Thanks for stopping by! See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!



And just like that. FIVE.

Happy New Year everyone!

We’ve had a quiet few days as we seriously hibernated from this insane arctic blast going through the Midwest. It’s been too crazy cold to do just about anything outside which has meant a lot of movies, a lot of new toy playing and a lot of hanging out trying to stay warm. This morning, one of our pipes in the kitchen froze! Apparently it’s towards the outside of the house without much insulation behind it but luckily we noticed right away and Josh was able to thaw it and add more insulation before it caused a huge problem.


Before this crazy cold snap while I was taking a blogging break for the holidays, our sweet Eli turned FIVE. Five just seems like a big one doesn’t it? His birthday is a couple days after Christmas and it’s one of my missions in life to make certain that he always has a wonderful birthday like all of our other children. Even though it is close to the holiday, we make sure we are back from any holiday travels and we leave Christmas behind and celebrate BIG.


This year we had donuts for breakfast and went to a local Children’s museum in the morning. We had pizza at one of our favorite restaurants and played at an indoor play gym until everyone was tired, sweaty messes. He finished the day with gifts and his favorite chocolate cupcakes. I’d say he had a pretty good day. 😉


Plus, now he can show his age with his entire hand which was incredibly important to him. So in honor of his very special 5th birthday, I’m sharing some fun little facts about my sweet Eli!

  • He loves (LOVES) the number 45. It’s the most hysterical and bizarre thing. If we are watching sports and a team scores 45, he gets so excited. He always guesses that people are 45 years old and tells them it’s his favorite number. It is so funny!
  • He has a truly amazing imagination. That kid can play and play with his little action figures all day long. He invents stories and makes them talk to each other and solve problems.

  • You will not meet a happier boy than my Eli. He has a constant giant smile on his face and finds joy in everything. It’s hard to be unhappy when he’s around. 😉

  • He’s just now starting to find things that HE really loves to do. He loves his big brother so much that often he has just blindly followed Caleb into activities and things he enjoys. I love seeing him really explore his own things lately like playing basketball, making his own friends and taking the lead on games at home.

  • Whenever a commercial comes on about a charity that needs help (this week it was for sheltered animals), he so desperately wants to help. His heart is SO big and I love to see how much he cares about others. We’ve been encouraging him to take action and do little things he can to help and I love to see how he has responded.

  • Eli has always been our earliest riser and continues to be. Even when everyone is up late and the other 3 boys sleep in the next day, Eli never does. I honestly think he just needs less sleep than most people. It’s kind of frustrating now but I bet in college it will start to pay off for him. I’m a little jealous! 😉

I’m so proud of all he has accomplished this past year. We love him so very, very much. Five is BIG. Five is kindergarten and homework and big kid stuff. I can’t wait to see what five brings!



Friday Favorites – Favorite Posts of 2017!

Happy last Friday of the year everyone! We are over halfway through Christmas break and I think I speak for everyone in my house when I say we are NOT ready to go back. We’ve been enjoying some lazy pajama mornings, sleeping in later than usual, and playing like crazy with our new Christmas toys. The temperature in Iowa this weekend is not supposed to even reach zero so I sense a lot more of this in our future. 😉

As always, I’m linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea for the last Friday Favorites of the year!  I decided to highlight the ‘most read’ favorite posts of 2017. Maybe you saw all of these or are seeing them for the first time but it’s fun for me that some of your favorites were some of mine too!

#5 – Confessions Episode 1

In the first ever Confessions link up, I shared my super embarrassing addiction. It’s so bad for me and a terrible habit that I cannot seem to break. Turns out from the comments that I’m not the only one. 😉  I love that link up to find other souls that understand me. Haha!


#4 Friday Favorites – Birthday Edition

During my birthday week in September, I filled my Friday Favorites with fun birthday gifts I was loving. Super cute boots, an apple watch, cardigans and more! So many readers shared my love, especially with this double hooded sweatshirt from Mindy Mae’s Market that I’m still keeping my eye on.


#3 How to live life with newborn twins

This Twin Tuesday post on how to survive the first months with newborn twins was a favorite of mine too. When we found out we were expecting twins, the lack of resources on literally just ‘how to survive the day to day’ stressed me out! I hope that by sharing what worked for us, other mommas expecting twins will find encouragement and practical tips.


#2 Two Year Old Gift Guide

I put together this gift guide before my twins turned two based on what my two older boys loved at that age. Anything on this list was perfect for them this year. It was one of my most fun posts to put together!


#1 10 favorite meals to bring to new moms

Hands down, this was my most popular post of 2017. All of these are tried and true easy meals to bring to new mommas who just had babies or for any reason you may want to bring someone a meal. I’ve gone back and looked at it so many times since I posted it when I needed a meal to bring!


Those are my favorites this week! Thank you for following along and being a part of my first year of blogging. Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting and for your encouragement! And THANK YOU for your business in my Etsy shop.I love this community.

I have some exciting things planned for 2018 and I hope you will join me. You can follow me on Instagram here and on Pinterest here.

I hope you have a wonderful New Years celebration and enjoy a long weekend with your family!


From our family to yours

From our family to yours, we wish you a very blessed Christmas. I hope you spend yours with the ones you love and all of us mommas are able to focus on making memories- loud and imperfect ones! 😉

See you next week! 

Tuesday Talk – Photo Organization

Happy Tuesday everyone! There is only 5 days until Christmas! And I’m just going to pretend that I’m 100% joyful and 0% stressed about that fact. It’s for the best. 😉

I’m linking up with Erika and Fancy Ashley today for a little ‘everything goes’ Tuesday Talk.

Since we are nearing the end of the year, I always start thinking about resolutions. I feel like mine almost always follow a similar pattern: pray more, exercise more, read more, etc. Which are always things I need to work on and although I consistently do a little better each year they are still at the top of my list. I read a book by Matthew Kelly with a small group this year called Resisting Happiness. He talks a lot about habits. Changing your habits is what makes you a better version of yourself. Whether it’s starting better habits or getting rid of bad ones, your habits make you who you are. I’m really focusing on that when I think about 2018.

So, along with that theme I’ve been thinking a lot about better habits I can develop. One of those is getting rid of ‘clutter’ in my life. I’m very conscious of the need to get rid of toy clutter, counter clutter, closet clutter, etc. but I tend to ignore the little stuff which in the end make me crazy! For example, I’m a person who doesn’t deal with annoying promotional emails as they come in, so they build up until I have an inbox of over 3,000. It’s ridiculous and a BAD habit.

I also struggle with photo organization. I have all of our photos backed up for sure, but I have never taken the time to organize them with a better method than just by date. Some photos are for sure on there multiple times which is probably just a waste of file space. When I want to look for photos, it takes me a long time to find what I am looking for! I have all our photos backed up on our external hard drive and found out the other day at my mom’s group that external hard drives can just fail without warning. Especially those older than 5 years. This was me.



So. This brings me to my Tuesday Talk question – how do you organize your photos and how do you store them?

Do you ever print photos or arrange them into physical albums you have printed? Another mom at my meeting said that she uses the Groovebook app and prints a small book of photos every month to store. She said her kids love to look at them which is such a good idea! I have thousands of photos stored but they aren’t available to my kiddos to look at when they are just in storage.

I need all the advice. Help a momma out!