Hello and welcome!

I’m Amy and I’m the voice behind Loving Our Messy. I’m a very happily married Momma of 4 boys – ages 6, 4 and 1 year old twins. Our house is loud.  Pretty much all the time!

After our twins were born in 2015 and we officially had 4 boys 4 years and under, I really struggled to take care of our family, try to be a super rockin’ wife and do some of those things that I used to love that make me – me! Even going to Church or out to a park with our littles was challenging and I always wanted to appear like I had it together (whatever that means, right?). I finally resolved that I’m going to just embrace our messy instead of trying to fight it. Our life isn’t neat and tidy- it’s messy! BUT every day I’m now determined to love our messy, chaotic, beautiful, completely imperfect, BLESSED life.



Those 5 boys of mine are the best recipe tasters, the craziest of the crazies and my whole heart.  I believe God chose me to be a boy momma for three big reasons (and lots of smaller ones): I LOVE watching sports, I have a serious Lego building talent that was hidden for the first 30 years of my life, and I plan to raise these boys to be the kind of gentlemen that will change our world.



Stay tuned- it’s never dull around these parts!

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(Photo credit: The amazing Magnolia Lane Photography)