Happy Thursday everyone! I’m here to join in with an awesome brand new link-up with Amanda from That Inspired Chick. This is the first week for Confessions where we can confess anything (and perhaps look for fellow understanding offenders?)! 😉

So here we go. I’m about to confess something that is a serious problem and drives my husband CRAZY. I’ve tried to stop but nothing has worked for me. I’m honestly embarrassed to admit this but I have an addiction to….




You’re probably laughing at me or judging me (or both?) but really… it’s so bad you guys. When I was in high school, I used to have to wake up at 4:45 for swim practice before school. I would stay up late working on homework and then when my alarm would go off, I just could not do it. I started setting my alarm for 4:30 so I could press snooze a few times before getting up.

It became a terrible habit that I haven’t been able to break since. I kind of thought that everybody did it until I met my best friend and college roommate who not only bounds out of bed super early every single morning (to EXERCISE even!) but does all this on her first alarm. And then I met my husband who also is an anti-snoozer.

Once I’m up and awake, I can be a morning person with the best of them but it’s that initial wake up I cannot handle. Every night I tell myself I have GOT to get it together, use that extra time in the morning and stop with the snooze… but I don’t.


I saw this hysterical alarm clock on my facebook feed a few weeks ago and I thought to myself that I NEEDED to have it. The alarm doesn’t turn off until your feet hit the floor! I felt differently after I saw the price tag but seriously… still considering it. Haha!


I know it’s bad for me. I know I don’t get any real sleep during those 9 minutes of snoozing. I know it’s horribly annoying for my husband but I just can’t stop. Maybe I need some sort of 12 step program?


Tell me I’m not alone. Are there any other snooze button addicts out there? Or better yet, someone with some snooze button wisdom?


So now you know my dark secret. Looking forward reading all the other confessions!

4 comments on “Confessions – Episode 1”

    • I really should just do that. I should put it in our bathroom so I have to get up and walk in there to turn it off! It’s a great tip!

  1. Oh my gosh, I could have written this post word for word, including the roommate!! I am a snoozer for sure!! And EVERY SINGLE NIGHT I tell myself I’m going to be like my friends and wake up at 4:30 and have my quiet time and drink my coffee and unload the dishwasher and work out…all before anyone else wakes up. And then my alarm goes off and I’m warm and cozy and in the middle of a crazy dream and I HAVE to see how it ends. So I hit snooze a few times and then just turn it off and give up. Who am I kidding? I’ll wake up at 7 with the rest of my house. 😉 Thank you for linking up!! This was so fun to read!

    That Inspired Chick

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