Happy Thursday everyone! Today is my kiddos first day back to school after Christmas break. While I’m ready to get back into our routine, I will miss those lazy pajama mornings hanging out with my crew. Thankfully it’s already Thursday, so I’m thinking we can make it through our short week. Maybe.

I’m linking up with Amanda from This Inspired Chick for her monthly Confessions link-up on the first Thursday of every month. You can find my November confessions here and my December confessions here. If you blog, you should join us! It’s so much fun to see what everyone has to share.

This month, I’m going to confess my secret nerdy hobby. I am a die-hard jigsaw puzzle fanatic. Seriously. Give me a Friday night, a glass of wine and a puzzle with my husband and I’m living my best life. 😉

I don’t remember doing very many puzzles when I was a kid, so it hasn’t been a lifelong thing for me. My degree is in Biochemistry and before I had my twins I worked in a research lab for 8 years. I love science and there are so many things I loved about working there.  Anyone who has worked in that kind of medical research for a long time can tell you that there are far more failures than there are successes. Research is SO, SO important and every day amazing strides are being made. However, meaningful discoveries take tons of hard work and years to find.

After a few years, I started to get a little discouraged. I felt like I was running into a lot of dead ends at work and not making much progress. My husband is in finance and his job is to make everything add up the way it is supposed to. He can see the end of projects, accomplish them and move on to something else. And I SO envied that! One day, I sat down with an old puzzle and I found it so incredibly satisfying! Everything fit together and everything had a place. Working on a puzzle started to be what I would look forward to after the really tough days in the lab.

Even after our twins were born and my days were so far out of my control, Josh and I had this gigantic puzzle on a table in the corner of our room. Every night I would fit a few pieces (because it was all I had time for before collapsing in a heap) and it made me feel accomplished. I know it’s probably crazy, but I still do it today.

I put puzzles on my older boys Christmas lists for our families this year. They love them too, especially my Eli. I will admit though- it was a little for them, a little for me! Haha! We spent a bunch of our break with 750 piece puzzles all over our kitchen island and it was the best!

My mom got Josh and I these super cute BRXLZ sets for Christmas and they may be my newest obsession. They are basically teeny, tiny Lego sets but they give you a small instruction book of how to put them together like a puzzle. They have so many different themed sets and I’m excited to break it out.

So, that’s my confession. I’m a crazy puzzle fanatic. Life with four boys is pretty chaotic but a puzzle is my calm. Everything has a place.

Except this Toy Story puzzle Eli got for Christmas whose last piece did NOT fit. I know it looks like it should fit but it did not. #apuzzleloversnightmare

Go ahead and make fun of me but I’ll be over here with my puzzle and my glass of wine. Not caring at all. Haha!

Any other puzzle lovers out there?

Thanks for stopping by! See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!



6 comments on “Confessions – Episode 3”

  1. In the winter we always had the card table up and a puzzle was always being put together. Brought the whole family closer. No tv and now hopefully no cellphones, iPads etc.

  2. Our family always enjoyed puzzles, usually at Christmas time when everyone was home. It’s an amazing, collaborative activity. I’m inspired to go get one now! Much better than playing on the phone all night!

  3. Puzzles are such a fun way to spend family tome together and to relax. We used to do them as a family when I was a little girl. I don’t usually sit still long enough to work on them now but they hold such treasured memories for me!

  4. I don’t remember doing many puzzles when I was younger, but recently I’ve gotten the urge to actually try and do some puzzles. I hear it’s relaxing for a lot of people and I kind of like the idea of how it’ll all look in the end.


  5. Seriously, there is a puzzle on my dining room right now. I LOVE THEM!! I’m with you, a puzzle, a glass of wine, (and maybe even a documentary in the background), and I am all set!

  6. Hahaha this is amazing!! This Confessions Link up sounds super fun to be a part of! I think I want to join! It’s so fun to hear about others random guilty pleasures. I have a thing for notebooks. If I go to the store and I happen upon the notebook section I literally can’t help but walk down the aisle. The. I’ll come home with at least two and I have to hide them from my husband because it drives him crazy hahaha! He’s like you bought ANOTHER notebook!? I can’t help it! I love to write and I feel like each category of writing deserves an entirely different notebook lol

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