It’s my favorite time of the week! Happy Friday!

Our week was spent pretty much boycotting all bed times so it was a rough one. At around 8:00 each night in our house, my energy level is at 2.4% and my boys are at 120%. I don’t even know how this happens. My kiddos had another short week at school and have Monday off next week. I’m not sure if we will make it when it comes time for a full week of school again!


Like always, I’m linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea for a fun list of Friday Favs. These are my favorite posts to read and put together!



After I killed my second giant Big Bubba water jug by dropping it (from the top of the car as we drove away and knocked off the counter by tiny hands), I knew I needed a different choice. I notice a huge difference in the way I feel when I’m dehydrated so I always keep a giant water bottle with me all the time. I got this stainless steel Liquid Savvy one for Christmas and I think I’m in love. It does a really good job at keeping my water cold and it came with 3 different lids to choose from. It has already been knocked on the floor a few times and there isn’t even a scratch on it! I do miss the huge straw that my Bubba had but on the plus side, this one never spills when it gets knocked over like that one did. I chose the 32 ounce bottle which is big enough to hold a good amount of water and small enough to fit in my cupholder in the car. I also love it because it’s only $20 unlike some of the other brands of stainless steel water bottles. It’s always a goal of mine to drink more water, and if that is you too – this one is my new favorite.



This week I posted my 2018 goals and one of them was to work on my terrible habit of worrying too much. My small group Bible study just chose a book by Max Lucado to read together called Anxious for Nothing. It arrived this week and I’m so looking forward to reading it. Just looking at the inside cover talking about how to overcome everyday worry spoke to me like I could have written those specific worries down myself. This book covers several of my 2018 goals- limiting worry, further developing my faith and prayer life and making more time reading as a self-care goal! (I’m quietly high fiving myself.)



My older boys both had birthdays in the last couple of weeks and we have had so much fun celebrating. We had a little birthday party last weekend for them with my family instead of a doing a big party like we usually do. The boys had a great time and we ordered pizza so there was zero stress for me. That’s my kind of party! I still made their choice of cake of course, because what’s a party without cake. 😉  Caleb chose a Yoda cake….


and Eli chose a Paw Patrol cake.

Instead of a doing a big party with friends, they chose to take a little trip as a family to celebrate. We’ve never stayed in a hotel all together since our twins were born so it should be a fun adventure. With lots of coffee….



The last couple of years, Caleb has decided that he wants to be an artist. He has always had an artistic eye like his Daddy so that never surprised me at all. He has an amazing art teacher at school that encourages him so much and I love seeing him in his element! My mom got him these two books for his birthday about creativity and art and they really are amazing. He loves The Dot more and I love Ish more, but they are both great. If you have a budding artist in your house, you should check these two Peter Reynolds books out!



Finally, I got these Fila yoga pants at Kohl’s and I love them so much they are all I have been wearing lately. They are super comfy and they have back pockets! Maybe it’s because of the pockets or maybe it’s the material but they look like real pants which makes me feel like I can wear them all the time. 😉 I have them in black but I’m definitely going back and finding them in gray!


Those are my favorites this week! I hope you all have the best weekend!


9 comments on “Friday Favorites {1.12.17}”

  1. Adding the book to my list. Just this week I had a big argument with my boyfriend and I realized that I just worry too much. About everything. And that needs to stop! Going to Goodreads to add it now 🙂 Have fun reading it. I hope it helps!

  2. I need this book!! Worry is something I am working hard to overcome, becoming a mom intensified my anxiety and I have been working to put a stop to it! Thanks for sharing!

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