Happy Friday!!  This week definitely made us work for it! This is pretty much how I’m feeling right now too.


I’m linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea for Friday Favorites!



I added a bunch of adorable Valentine’s to my Etsy shop this week. They are all $5 Instant Downloads that you can print at home yourself!

All of these new designs are available either as treat bag toppers OR as 4 x 4 Valentine card tags that you can use alone or even attach to candy or another treat. Plus you can spare yourself the annoying picked over Valentine section at the store.

I love the treat bag toppers because I can buy a big bag of whatever the kids want to give out (like M&Ms, goldfish, etc.) and they can split it into snack size baggies instead of buying all the individually wrapped packages of things.

You can click any of the pictures to be taken to the listing. Or you can click here to see all the Valentine’s in my shop. Keep me in mind when you are looking for easy Valentine’s for your kiddos to take to school or daycare!



It’s just been one of those weeks! Josh has been working long hours in a busy season at work. The little boys are sick with colds so they are crabby and not sleeping well. The house is a straight up disaster that I feel like I’m always picking up but it’s not making a difference. I’m totally testing the limits of my dry shampoo. And I’m just tired and weary. We’ve all been there.

I love when I stumble upon a Bible passage that just speaks to me, even when I’m not looking for it. I saw this passage and just felt that it was meant for me. I so need some ‘strength in my soul’. When I looked it up in my Bible, it is from the ‘Hymn of a Grateful Heart’ which is even more perfect.



I posted Part 2 of my step-by-step guide to making birthday cakes this week. I’ve been making my kid’s birthday and special occasion cakes for 7 years and I’ve learned SO much. If you have ever wanted to make birthday cakes for your kiddos but didn’t think you could- go read this. I promise you can. Part 1 is about the baking and Part 2 is about the decorating.




My mom works in academic support and recommended this Mathopolis app to me to help Caleb with his ‘math facts’. They’ve been working on addition and subtraction and they are working on getting basic repetition down (4 + 4, 6 + 5, etc). He loves the app because as you answer questions correctly within the time limit, you help put out the fire. It’s so much more fun than flash cards! 😉 They have all 4 operations and different levels for each. It’s perfect for adding a little fun into homework which is ALWAYS a favorite here.



I’m putting this book in my book review next week so I almost didn’t add this to my favorites. And then I just had to. When I made a goal for myself to start a habit of making time to read this year, Josh jumped on board too. He grabbed The Professionals by Owen Laukkanen at the library last week and I have never seen him read a book so fast. Truly. And we’ve been together for over 13 years.

Josh and I don’t usualy read the same kind of book. I’m more light and fluffy stories and he likes the thriller/suspense which usually isn’t my scene. I was cuddling on the couch with Luke and Reid the other day when they weren’t feeling well and picked up the book out of curiosity. And then I couldn’t stop. It was SO good, you guys. It’s super suspenseful and an action thriller without being gory or too intense. I really loved it. If you are looking for a good book to get wrapped up in (even if you don’t usually read this genre) – check this one out!


Those are my favorites this week! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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  1. This post is like a mental amusement park! So fun!!!! Can you believe I’ve never shopped Etsy. I’m going to check out your shop.

    P.S. This week made me work for it too.:) What a cute little face!

  2. What a fun read…I also have been doing the kids cakes for the past few years and it’s been fun. And thank you so much for the Math App suggestion. I’ll be looking in to that today. Happy Friday!!!

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