I feel like I’m sort of cheating this week because we only had a two day week! That doesn’t make me any less excited for the weekend though. I think I’ll take it.

It’s birthday busy season in my house and we will have a brand new SEVEN year old on Monday. He’s kind of bummed out that his birthday is on a Monday this year but we plan to spend our weekend celebrating his last days of 6!

Today, I’m linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea for the first Friday Favorites of the new year!




All you fellow Gilmore girls out there are going to love this. For Christmas, my sister gave me this coffee. And I was pumped because obviously I love coffee. She had to stop and explain that this was no ordinary coffee! Scott Patterson (who plays Luke, the diner owner and pourer of the coffee in Gilmore Girls) came out with his own line. So, in other words. I’m drinking Luke’s coffee. 😉

Such a genius idea. Plus, it’s actually smells and tastes amazing. I loved this gift! (Luke image – not mine! I only wish. Found on Pinterest.)


On a random whim on Black Friday, we bought our older boys a 4-in-1 game table. It has Foosball, Slide Hockey, Ping Pong and Pool. It was kind of a spur of the moment gift that I found on major sale. Turns out, it has been their very favorite gift this year. Our boys are (almost) 5 and 7 and they play with it non-stop.

Even the little ones play with the hockey part if we bring over chairs for them and they LOVE to watch their brothers play foosball. We’ve had many a tournament that went late into the night over Christmas break this year. (Excuse the background, I’m working on refinishing a desk for my new work space.)

It has been so much fun! This is the table we bought from Walmart but I do have to say: we had trouble with the shipping from them. We ordered on Black Friday, had it shipped to store for us to pick up and still had not received it mid-December. They assured us it would be fine, that it was on it’s way but the tracking information showed it never moved. We finally had to call and insist they cancel our order. They wouldn’t reorder it themselves so we had to place another order and hope it showed up on time. Thankfully, this time it did. We loved the brand of the table though and I found the same one on Amazon but just the foosball part (which truthfully is the favorite anyway!).


In my confessions post this week, I explained why I have a serious obsession with jigsaw puzzles. If you are a puzzle lover like me, you should check it out. They are my happy place! My post also talks about my latest obsession that may even replace my puzzles on the table. 😉 Maybe.


Last weekend we got some serious snow in Iowa. It came at the beginning of a windchill warning, so the kids and I sat inside all day playing and watching the snow.  I just thought it was way too cold to take all of them out by myself. (By the time I got on boots, hats, snow pants, mittens, etc x 4 they would all want to come in!)

Then, Daddy got off work early before the holiday weekend and surprised us all. He is wayyy more fun than I am and insisted we all head outside. We seriously had the very best time. We barely got any snow last year so this was really Reid and Luke’s first time playing in it.

We stayed outside way past the point of being frozen, but they could have cared less. Thank goodness for Daddy. 😉


Finally, these are some of the brand new calendar designs I have up in my Etsy shop for the new year. We have ours printed 24 x 36 in our kitchen and I write everything on it! Even the kids love to come look and see what is going on for the week or count the number of days until something special.

Print + frame = instant dry erase! You can use code NEWYEAR18 for 18% off your order now through January 10th. And as always, any calendar can have custom color requests or additional fields/phrases added.

Click on the picture below to be taken to that calendar listing or click here to be taken to the shop where there are even more listed!

Those are my favorites this week! I hope you have the best weekend and if you are anywhere near the Midwest – I hope you stay warm!


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16 comments on “Friday Favorites – {1.5.18}”

  1. Great list! Like you, my Friday favorite is about snow…and more specifically, my snow blower! I’m in Boston, and we just got 15+ inches dropped on us yesterday from the bomb cyclone. But my trusty snowblower pushed through like a champ 🙂

  2. I had a smile reading about your snow day! We had a lot of snow here yesterday and my husband insisted we take our four kids out twice! (Though the second time I stayed in the house and cooked dinner.)

    • The snowy cold is not my favorite but they just had so much fun! I would have stayed in the second time too. 😉

  3. So cute! I love that game table. It looks like a great size! Air hockey is one of my favorite games. I think there is only one place in my town to play. haha. Also, I never used to like puzzles. I got too frustrated and bored as a child, I guess. I just recently found out that I really like them now. A friend of mine has a puzzle going on their table for the kids and I try to find as many pieces while I am over for dinner. ha. Thanks for sharing!

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