Happy Friday! When I was looking through pictures to include on this post, I saw a few pictures from the Super Bowl and thought that’s so weird that I haven’t taken any pictures in two weeks! And then I realized the Super Bowl was just 5 days ago. This week has been the longest week ever!

We had a great time watching the Super Bowl together as a family and the boys and I rocked out to Justin Timberlake. (Obviously.)

And then we woke up Monday morning with our oldest in tears saying he didn’t feel good. Low grade fever – no other symptoms. No big deal. Tuesday however, brought a temp of 104 and a diagnosis of strep AND influenza A.

Thankfully, he’s finally feeling better today and no one else has gotten sick as of yet. This was all of them the day before the flu diagnosis, so the odds may not be in our favor? I’m not sure I know any families not dealing with some sort of sickness right now. This winter has been so bad with germs. I’m keeping all these sick kiddos in my prayers.


So on to better news. I’m happy it’s Friday! I’m happy to be sharing a bunch of random favorites with you today because these are always the most fun posts to read!


Last week, I shared my January Book Review full of some really good books. I started 2018 off with a goal to create better self-care habits and reading more is one of them. I’m enjoying it so much, I only wish I had done it a long time ago! If you are looking for new recommendations, check this post out. I read 5 books in January and 3 of them I absolutely loved. I’m happy with those odds for my first month!



Over the summer, I talked about my favorite shows to binge watch with my husband and I have a new one to add. Lately, Josh and I have been rewatching The Good Wife on Amazon prime. I had completely forgotten how amazing (and addicting!) that show is. It’s got major drama, romance, amazing actors, really great writing, humor, etc. It’s the best. Plus, Matt Czuchry has a leading role. Enough said. #TeamLoganforever



These two have to be in my favorites this week. I’ve mentioned before that they are Daddy’s biggest fans. Every day this week these sweet boys have dressed themselves up in their big brother’s shoes, gloves and hats, packed up their backpacks full of toys and told me they were going to go visit Daddy at work.

They come to give me a hug and kiss, say “Bye Mom!”, grab a pretend set of keys, walk in a circle around the house and do it all over again. It’s hysterical. The bond between those two is the sweetest I’ve ever seen.



I’m sure this is on a lot of people’s favorites this week but the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics is tonight! Will you be watching? We definitely will be. The older boys have been looking forward to the snowboarding and skiing for weeks and really I’m excited about all of it. I love the fun, the competition and the news coverage. It’s something to look forward to when we can’t spend much time outside in freezing cold Iowa lately!


The start of Lent is next Wednesday (which actually falls on Valentine’s Day this year). If you are looking for something to do for Lent this year, it’s not too late to sign up for Best Lent Ever with Dynamic Catholic. I have done it the last couple of years and I’ve just loved it. They email you a link everyday with short 2 or 3 minute videos and a short reflection. I find them incredibly encouraging and inspiring and they help me focus my heart during this Lenten season. If you have any interest, I highly encourage you to sign up. (It’s completely free!)


Also, if you are still looking for classroom Valentine’s for your kids to take to school next week – check out my Etsy store! They are all instant download and you can print them at home. If you would like me to personalize them for you with your child’s name – just put that in ‘notes to seller’ on your order! I have 12 listed in my shop, click here to see them all.


Those are my favorites for this week. Our weather forecast for the Midwest this weekend is full of piles of snow so I foresee a lot of playing in the snow, hot chocolate and Olympics watching for us. 😉 Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



17 comments on “Friday Favorites {2.9.18}”

  1. Such a fun read and seeing your boys make me smile because they remind me of mine. I have 3 sons. I’m glad you’re doing more reading, since that’s such a great outlet for the mind, plus healthy for the brain. We’re also looking forward to the Olympics. And I’m the only one that rocked out to JT during the SB. Have a happy Friday! 😁

  2. That picture of your boys dancing is the cutest! Also, I’m so curious about Colleen Hoover’s books, so I’m glad to read that you like them. Definitely going on my to be read list in Goodreads.

  3. Hah! that’s hilarious the Super Bowl seemed like two weeks ago. You aren’t the only one who felt this week was long though!! Aw, your kids are too cute. Sorry about the sickness though – hopefully nobody else gets it!


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