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Happy Friday everyone! I’ve been loving this short week. Let’s just pledge to make every week 4 days. 😉


Like every Friday, I’m linking up today with Erika, Narci and Andrea for Friday Favorites! This Friday though, since my birthday is on Sunday I’m going to talk Birthday Favorites and all those things I’m coveting this year.




I’m always on the look out for cute coffee mugs. They had a huge selection that I loved when I was at Hobby Lobby last weekend but I could only find a couple of them online to link to – here and here. Coffee makes me human again in the morning and its the only reason I’m able to enjoy some alone time before my kids wake up. Fun mugs give me some cheer on these sleepy morning!




I’m LOVE loving these cozy double hooded sweatshirts from Mindy Maes Market. I have a couple shirts from there that I love and I think these are adorable! I look at these sweatshirts and I think fall. The striped ones are calling my name!





Does anyone else hear angels singing? Haha! I’ve been wanting an apple watch for awhile for a ton of reasons but mainly because of the fitness appeal. I use my phone right now for tracking steps/mileage but I don’t always have pockets or a place to keep my phone on me constantly. I also love that you can get texts and notifications through it so I would be able to keep my phone up and out of the way of toddlers who are constantly hiding it or locking me out of it!





A few weeks ago, Josh set my beloved Big Bubba water jug on top of the car assuming I would grab it before getting in. I didn’t see it. We drove away and it flew off the car and cracked down the side. (We still disagree on whose fault this actually was. Cough…his…cough.) This is my second Big Bubba that has perished in a fall so I’m thinking it might be time for me to try something a little tougher. I’ve been looking at a lot of water bottles lately but the Hydroflask has my attention. I’m loving the mint and raspberry colors and that handle! I always have my water bottle with me so I need a big one that I don’t have to fill up a million times a day!




Are these booties not the cutest? I love the color and the fact that they would go with everything.





These Gap cardigans! I love that they are a bit longer than normal without being trench coat long. I’m too tall to look normal in trench coat long. The berry and gray color are my favorite. They are the perfect wardrobe transition for fall!


I’m noticing that all my birthday favorites have a cozy, fall theme. 😉 I wouldn’t expect anything less.


Hope you have a great weekend!


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14 comments on “Friday Favorites – Birthday Edition!”

  1. I feel like we might be twins because I LOVE all your favorites! 😉 I also need my alone time in the morning with my coffee before the kiddos get up and my apple watch is one of my favorite ever purchases! Happy Fall!

  2. These are some fun items! That gap cardigan looks so perfect for Fall– I may have to pick one up for myself. The classic camel color is calling my name.

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Love that mug!!!! Great picks for Fall clothes! It’s gotten a little cooler here finally. I hope it stays that way because I am ready for boots, leggings, sweaters,etc.

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