Happy New Year everyone!

We’ve had a quiet few days as we seriously hibernated from this insane arctic blast going through the Midwest. It’s been too crazy cold to do just about anything outside which has meant a lot of movies, a lot of new toy playing and a lot of hanging out trying to stay warm. This morning, one of our pipes in the kitchen froze! Apparently it’s towards the outside of the house without much insulation behind it but luckily we noticed right away and Josh was able to thaw it and add more insulation before it caused a huge problem.


Before this crazy cold snap while I was taking a blogging break for the holidays, our sweet Eli turned FIVE. Five just seems like a big one doesn’t it? His birthday is a couple days after Christmas and it’s one of my missions in life to make certain that he always has a wonderful birthday like all of our other children. Even though it is close to the holiday, we make sure we are back from any holiday travels and we leave Christmas behind and celebrate BIG.


This year we had donuts for breakfast and went to a local Children’s museum in the morning. We had pizza at one of our favorite restaurants and played at an indoor play gym until everyone was tired, sweaty messes. He finished the day with gifts and his favorite chocolate cupcakes. I’d say he had a pretty good day. 😉


Plus, now he can show his age with his entire hand which was incredibly important to him. So in honor of his very special 5th birthday, I’m sharing some fun little facts about my sweet Eli!

  • He loves (LOVES) the number 45. It’s the most hysterical and bizarre thing. If we are watching sports and a team scores 45, he gets so excited. He always guesses that people are 45 years old and tells them it’s his favorite number. It is so funny!
  • He has a truly amazing imagination. That kid can play and play with his little action figures all day long. He invents stories and makes them talk to each other and solve problems.

  • You will not meet a happier boy than my Eli. He has a constant giant smile on his face and finds joy in everything. It’s hard to be unhappy when he’s around. 😉

  • He’s just now starting to find things that HE really loves to do. He loves his big brother so much that often he has just blindly followed Caleb into activities and things he enjoys. I love seeing him really explore his own things lately like playing basketball, making his own friends and taking the lead on games at home.

  • Whenever a commercial comes on about a charity that needs help (this week it was for sheltered animals), he so desperately wants to help. His heart is SO big and I love to see how much he cares about others. We’ve been encouraging him to take action and do little things he can to help and I love to see how he has responded.

  • Eli has always been our earliest riser and continues to be. Even when everyone is up late and the other 3 boys sleep in the next day, Eli never does. I honestly think he just needs less sleep than most people. It’s kind of frustrating now but I bet in college it will start to pay off for him. I’m a little jealous! 😉

I’m so proud of all he has accomplished this past year. We love him so very, very much. Five is BIG. Five is kindergarten and homework and big kid stuff. I can’t wait to see what five brings!



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