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Even though it’s summer right now, with swim lessons, working on our house after the kids go to bed most nights and just the fact of keeping 4 kiddos happy and alive, Josh and I have been completely exhausted lately! One thing that gets me through is knowing that I can hang out with my husband and watch a really good episode or two of a show together at the end of each day. It gives us something to look forward to together and sometimes sparks conversations that we probably never would have had!

Here are a list of our top shows we love to watch together and are husband-approved. Plus! All these shows are available to stream on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video!


White Collar

This is our very favorite show probably ever. We love LOVE White Collar. It’s about a convict convicted of bond forgery (and accused of about a million other white collar crimes) who is released from jail to wear a tracking anklet and become a consultant for the FBI. The writing of this show is amazing and the cases are often suspenseful and keep us watching more and more episodes until too late in the night. Matt Bomer (who I love!) plays the FBI consultant and his chemistry with Tim DeKay who is his FBI handler makes the entire show. If you’re not sold yet, just watch the Pilot episode. It’s one of the best pilots I’ve ever seen. I’m not ashamed to say that we have watched this entire series multiple times!

All 6 seasons of White Collar are available to stream on Netflix.



Josh and I are serious Survivor Junkies. We found Survivor about 9 years ago when it was airing on CBS and have watched every season they have aired since and caught up on all the old seasons we missed. It is a reality competition show but it’s so much more than that. A group of people are put on an island and have to survive (make their own shelter, catch food, etc) while also competing in physical competitions. The group votes someone out every week and the best part is that at the end of the game the last batch of people voted out actually become the jury who votes for the person who wins the game and a million dollars. We love watching the strategy, psychological games, and unpredictability of human behavior.  All the seasons are good but a lot of them are GREAT. Season 1 when the game had just begun is such a classic but is a little different than the rest of the series because it’s filmed a bit more documentary style. My advice if you have never seen the show is to start with Survivor Micronesia (season 16) or Survivor Tocantins (Season 18).

19 of their 34 seasons are streaming on Amazon Prime Video. (If you love it like we do, pay the small monthly fee for CBS All Access and you will have access to stream all 34 seasons!)



Suits is another one of our very favorites. It’s similar to White Collar in that there are two very likeable male leads who have amazing chemistry together and the supporting cast is full of some strong, badass female characters. It’s about a man with a photographic memory who was hired to work at a top law firm as a lawyer under one of the best in the country, except he isn’t actually a lawyer. The show is about different law cases, love triangles and eventually about how to contain Mike’s secret that he is working as a lawyer without actually being one. The show is suspenseful and cleverly written by writers who aren’t afraid to throw some curve balls at the characters. Especially as the show goes on and more and more people inevitably find out. Watch the pilot of this one too and tell me you aren’t hooked!

Suits is still airing on USA but has the rest of the series available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.



Parenthood is an amazingly well-written and acted show about families. It’s completely relatable as a parent and as a child and full of real everyday problems. It has a huge cast full of some big names and we loved every minute of it. I never watched it while it was airing on NBC because I heard it was sad and I can’t do sad shows that bring me down. We binge watched this on Netflix and I have to say I completely and totally disagree. It’s not sad at all, for sure thought-provoking and sometimes pulls at your emotions-  but not sad! So if you are holding out because of that, I promise you won’t feel that way. I loved watching this one with Josh because it that stimulated so much conversation about how we were raised and how we wanted to raise our own kids.

Parenthood is streaming all episodes on Netflix.


The West Wing

The West Wing is a fast-paced show about life in the White House and the outside lives of the staffers who work there. I loved Martin Sheen as president and even if you aren’t a lover of political talk (like I’m not!) you will like this show for the drama that comes along with it. Even though The West Wing aired in the early 2000’s, it’s amazing how many of the issues, political and otherwise, are still relevant today. It has won a ton of awards and has some amazing actors. This is a show that always gets us thinking and talking because it’s so well written.

All episodes of The West Wing are streaming on Netflix.


A little extra bonus tip – we watched The People vs. OJ Simpson when it aired on FX last year and loved it.  There is only 1 season of 10 episodes and even though we obviously knew the ending it was suspenseful and drew us in every week. I thought I knew the basic story line of the famous trial but since I was still in grade school when it happened, there apparently was so much I forgot or didn’t know. We found it fascinating. It is streaming on Netflix too.


Okay, those are my picks for series to watch with your spouse. What are we missing? We would love to find some new good ones. Comment with some of your favorites that are husband friendly! (Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill were already vetoed… surprise, surprise.) 😉

Happy Tuesday to all!

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